Covering the world’s arable land with mycorrhizae – hectare by hectare, acre by acre.

the groundwork bioAg story

Groundwork BioAg®️’s pioneering production method and innovative inoculants are based on over thirty years of research and development conducted under the auspices of Prof. Yoram Kapulnik at Israel’s prestigious national Agricultural Research Institute at the Volcani Center.

Groundwork BioAg® was established to build upon this innovation, to scale it to mass production, and to bring it to market. Serial entrepreneurs Yossi Kofman and Dan Grotsky, who were actively seeking such an opportunity at the time, approached Danny Levy, a mycorrhiza production expert originally from Kapulnik’s lab. Together, the three founders set out to revolutionize commercial agriculture – with a microorganism that has existed in nature for over 400 million years.

Indeed, mycorrhizal fungi have been helping plants to absorb nutrients long before agriculture even existed. Furthermore, the broad scope of benefits of mycorrhizal symbiosis has been well studied and documented over five decades of research. However, modern agricultural methods, such as tilling, sterilization, and application of fungicides and pesticides, deplete mycorrhizae in today’s farms. Restoration of the soil’s mycorrhizal balance is crucial to plants’ ability to absorb the precious nutrients that farmers work so hard to provide.

groundbreaking Innovation

Groundwork BioAg®’s innovative mycorrhizal production techniques are realigning global bio-agriculture with the demands of climate change. 

Mycorrhizal inoculants were previously considered a luxury product, affordable at low application rates solely within niche markets. Groundwork BioAg is the first to crack the code on scalable production of highly-concentrated mycorrhizal inoculants. Having penetrated mainstream commercial agriculture with cost-effective and easily integrated products, Groundwork BioAg is now improving crop yields, regenerating soil, and permanently sequestering carbon every day across five continents and in almost all of the world’s breadbaskets.

Our Mission

“The Groundwork BioAg® team innovatively produces highly-effective mycorrhizal inoculants. We will not rest until every hectare of arable land is covered with mycorrhizae and every farmer benefits from higher crop yields and resilience to stress, while consuming less resources and regenerating the Earth’s soil.”

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It’s all about the people

Neal G square

Neal Gutterson, Ph.D

Partner and Chief Technology Officer, Radicle Growth | Former CTO, Corteva

Dr. Yossi Kofman

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Dan Grotsky

Co-Founder | Chief Growth Officer

Danny Levy

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer
Hanan Dorsquare

Hanan Dor

Chief Commercial Officer
Bari Ruimy

Bari Ruimy

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Levy

Partner, MoreVC
Photo by BusinessPortraits.ca at https://businessportraits.ca/

Nelson A. Switzer

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Climate Innovation Capital
Brian Mixer

Brian Mixer

Partner, Middleland Capital

Gal Gitter

Managing Director, Ibex Investors

Mick Messman

Chief Executive Officer, DPH Biologicals

Adi Vagman

Managing partner, E44 Ventures

Hagai BarOn

VP Sales and Marketing, CTS


“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton


Middleland Capital

Middleland Capital is a private investment firm focused on global early-stage technology opportunities. Leveraging a unique breadth of geographic and industry experience, the firm seeks long-term partnerships with exceptional management teams to commercialize innovative technologies, accelerate growth and build long-term value around the world.

SRK Management Company

SRK Management Company is a private investment firm. The firm is based in New York and was founded by Sidney Knafel, Managing Partner.

F&C Climate Opportunity Partners

F&C Climate Opportunity Partners LP is a fund managed by BMO Global Asset Management’s private equity business (“BMO Private Equity”). BMO Private Equity is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. BMO Global Asset Management and BMO Private Equity are part of the BMO Financial Group, a highly diversified financial services provider based in North America, with total assets of CDN $949 billion as of 31 October 2020.

AgriNation VC

AgriNation VC is an agritech and foodtech investment fund that invests in early-stage companies (after the stage of development and before sales) and supports their go-to-market phase in local and global markets.

Ibex Investors

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Tel Aviv and New York, Ibex Investors is a multi-strategy investment firm targeting outsized returns through differentiated global strategies. Ibex proactively seeks out markets and opportunities commonly dismissed as too difficult or too different, and prides itself on finding the hidden gems often overlooked by others. For more information, please visit www.ibexinvestors.com.

Technology Partner

Agricultural Research Organization (Volcani Institute)

The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) is part of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The organization is responsible for most of the agricultural research conducted in Israel. This research aims to improve existing agricultural production systems and to introduce new products, processes and equipment, thereby ensuring the basis of Israel’s future agriculture. The ARO has an extensive research infrastructure that supports both basic and applied research, conducted by more than 200 Ph.D. scientists and 300 engineers and technicians. Numerous breeds, methods and technologies have been developed at ARO and successfully transferred to commercial markets in the form of private and public agritech companies.

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