Company Vision

Groundwork BioAg, Ltd. produces highly concentrated mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture worldwide.


As the first climate tech company to crack the code on cost-effective mass production of mycorrhizae, our inoculants are boosting yields and permanently sequestering carbon in soils across five continents and in almost all the world’s breadbaskets. 

Our mission is to regenerate the world’s arable land with mycorrhizae and allow every grower to enjoy higher yields while accessing carbon revenue and mitigating climate change.

Groundwork BioAg Enables Decarbonization of Mainstream Agriculture in the Race to Net-Zero

Groundwork BioAg bridges farmers seeking carbon ROI and partners pursuing net zero goals:


  • Permanently sequester carbon today – so it won’t leach back into the atmosphere tomorrow
  • Unlock carbon credits for all growers, conventional and regenerative alike
  • Facilitate smooth product adoption for farmers and distributors
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