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Groundwork BioAg® produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. Using our eco-friendly products, farmers worldwide safeguard their crop yields, improve resistance to stress, and reduce fertilizer requirements.

Our Products

No matter how you cultivate – Rootella® has got you covered.
Rootella® G

Rootella® G

Flakes for growing media
Rootella® P

Rootella® P

Powder for dusting
Rootella® T

Rootella® T

Grow packs for transplantation
Rootella® F

Rootella® F

Fine powder for in-furrow / seed treatment
Rootella® X

Rootella® X

Wettable powder for liquid applications / seed treatment

What is mycorrhiza?

Natural symbiosis between fungi (myco-) and plant roots (-rhiza)

Fungi and plant roots

A love story

There are many types of “good” fungi that form symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationships with plants. These relationships are known as mycorrhizae, and the microorganisms are called mycorrhizal fungi. These specialized fungi effectively extend the plant root system with mycelium – a web of long, microscopic filaments called hyphae. A mycelium’s surface area can be up to 100 times greater than that of the plant root itself. This “secondary root system” absorbs valuable nutrients (and water) that otherwise are simply unavailable to the plant.


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