Groundwork BioAg is hiring!

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who will strengthen our team and help us bring sustainable products to commercial agriculture. Our employees typically have one hand in the ground and the other reaching for the sky. Innovative people who can draw upon their own experiences to solve hard problems. Professionalism is key – we expect our team to not only to get things done, but to get them done right. We are a young, fast-paced bioagriculture start-up, and the potential is enormous. If you think you have what it takes to work in a dynamic, high-impact job environment, we would love to hear from you (Please specify to which position you are applying).

Groundwork BioAg, a global bioagriculture company, leverages the natural power of mycorrhizal fungi to improve the productivity, sustainability and profitability of commercial agriculture and expand regenerative agriculture practices. Groundwork BioAg is the first to use innovative techniques to solve challenges inherent in high-volume mycorrhizal inoculant production. We will not rest until every hectare of arable land is protected by mycorrhizae and every farmer benefits from higher crop yields while preserving our soils and permanently sequestering carbon.

We are looking for a researcher with vast knowledge in soil microorganisms to play a key role in our carbon sequestration project.

You Will Have an Opportunity to:

  • Join an innovative company that is disrupting the bioagriculture market.
  • Be a part of our leading R&D team
  • Directly contribute to the company’s main growth engine.

Job Description

  • Develop and maintain protocols and operational processes.
  • Perform various soil tests including protein extraction.
  • Study various microbial cultures.
  • Classify, isolate and grow microbial cultures.
  • High level of laboratory practice expected.
  • Plan and execute experiments according to the company’s goals, timelines and work plans.
  • Analysis, presentation, and implementation of findings and results.


  • Degree in biology and life science / soil science / chemistry / biotechnology.
  • In-depth knowledge of the world of soil microorganisms and proven experience in isolating and growing bacteria.
  • Experience in research and development work in the industry.
  • Orientation in a scientific work environment and in professional literature.
  • Ability to work accurately under pressure.
  • Eager to learn new technologies and solve problems.
  • High level of organizational and planning skills.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (English and Hebrew).
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Work is based in Moshav Mazor.

Please send your CV to:

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