Rootella’s unique benefits

Highly-effective mycorrhizal inoculants

Rootella® is a family of mycorrhizal inoculants that are exclusively developed and produced by Groundwork BioAg®. Grounded in science and perfected over time, Rootella® forms fungal mycelia that attach to and effectively extend root networks.

The mycelia help plants absorb water and soil nutrients, such as those found in fertilizers and compost. Groundwork BioAg®’s unique mycorrhizal strains and production methods are the product of over thirty years of research and development, which began in Israel’s renowned Volcani Institute (ARO). Years of breeding, research, and field trials have resulted in robust and effective mycorrhizal products, based on vigorous strains originally derived from harsh Israeli desert conditions.

Broad scope of benefits

Over fifty years of research have shown that mycorrhizal inoculation provides a wide range of benefits:


Yield increase and quality improvement, due to better absorption of micro- and macro-nutrients (notably phosphorus).

Savings – fertilizer and water requirement reductions

Reduction of consumption of expensive phosphorus fertilizer, without compromising yield. Water savings under certain circumstances.


Plant durability under stress conditions, such as drought, flooding, salinity or acidic / alkaline soils.


Direct impact on four UN SDGs: #2 (Zero Hunger), #13 (Climate Action), #14 (Life Below Water), and #15 (Life on Land).

Concentration is key

As any experienced farmer knows, the requirement from any agricultural input product is clear: benefits must greatly outweigh cost. When it comes to mycorrhizae, the cost/benefit of an inoculant is mostly dependent upon product concentration. This is why Groundwork BioAg® has developed Rootella® mycorrhizal inoculants that boast extremely high concentrations of endomycorrhiza. Only in high concentration can a mycorrhizal inoculant achieve the following:

Relevance to commercial agriculture

High inoculant concentrations are essential to achieve high-efficacy at low application rates.

Relevance to seed treatment

Seeds can carry a limited amount of inoculant in seed treatment, and high concentrations are crucial in order to deliver an effective seed treatment solution.

Rootella® G

Rootella® G

Flakes for growing media
Rootella® P

Rootella® P

Powder for dusting
Rootella® T

Rootella® T

Grow packs for transplantation
Rootella® F

Rootella® F

Fine powder for in-furrow / seed treatment
Rootella® X

Rootella® X

Wettable powder for liquid applications / seed treatment
Rootella® BR

Rootella® BR

Fine powder – only available in Brazil
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